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A divine gift that connects you to Jesus Christ Himself

Peace River Jordan

The Holy Water from the Jordan River is bottled and distributed by Peace River Jordan which is an organization located in the heart of the Baptism Site at the Jordan River, where Jesus christ was Baptized. Peace River Jordan is dedicated to distribute the Holy Water from the Jordan River worldwide. The Holy Water is the only remaining substance that Jesus Christ touched, which still remains today. It comes from the Holy Land, the land of the Bible, where Jesus spent His earthy life. The Holy Water from the Jordan River is your spiritual connection to Jesus where He was Baptized and from where he ascended into heaven. 
Peace River Jordan operates under the direct supervision of the Church and is certified by the Baptism Site Commission, which ensures the authenticity of our Holy Water products. We are committed to supporting the Church and charities in the Middle East and noble causes worldwide and aim to make a difference to world peace and prosperity. To read more about our Foundation click here

The Power of Holy Water

'In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And when he came up out of the water, immediately he saw the heavens opened and the Spirit descending upon him like a dove, and a voice came from heaven; 'Thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased.'' Mark 1:9-11

The profound and beautiful power of the Holy Water was bestowed on the Jordan River at the time of Jesus’ baptism, by the Holy Spirit who descended on Jesus Christ at the Jordan River in the form of a dove and blessed the water, changing its natural properties. The blessed Holy Water became a powerful, special and unique substance which provides divine, spiritual healing for your mind, body and soul and gives infinite blessings. Untold spiritual wealth is concentrated in a tiny drop of this blessed Holy Water. Holy Water is a means of receiving the grace of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Himself confirmed the importance of Holy Water to the rebirth of the believer, ‘Now I tell you the truth, no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.’ John 3:5

Many have reached out for Holy Water in times of great need and have received Divine blessings. Holy Water bestows blessings, hope and faith, in moral, emotional and spiritual renewal and healing. As well as providing instances of physical healing, according to the Bible, Holy Water is one of the secrets of eternal life, as Jesus Christ said, ‘The water that I shall give will turn into a spring within them welling up into eternal life.’ John 4:14
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Peace River Products

Once you receive your very own Holy Water from the same River where our Lord Jesus was Baptized, you will know why it is deemed Holy. For countless reasons, Believers seek to receive the Holy Water, brought to you directly from the sacred River Jordan. The Holy Water is a cure for mind body and soul and gives infinite blessings for yourself & loved ones. Many and great are the spiritual benefits derived from the use of the Holy Water. If you seek spiritual, emotional or physical healing, Holy Water is your answer. To order your very own Holy Water shipped to you directly from the Holy Land click here.

Miracles & Blessings

All that come into contact with Holy Water gain in faith, and with faith great blessings and miracles have occurred. As Jesus said, With faith, everything is possible for those who believe. (Mark 9:23) The Church has officially recognized the miraculous power of Holy Water in providing healing both mentally, physically and emotionally to those in need. Cases that are declaredas miraculous, have no known medical explanation and in such cases, the churchclaims that it is reasonable for the faithful to believe that supernatural and Divine intervention may have occurred.  Miracles have been defined by the church as, A sign or wonder, such as a healing or thecontrol of nature, which can only be attributed to divine power. The miracles of Jesus were messianic signs of the presence of God.  (Tim Staples) 

Many blessings and miracles have been documented worldwide that arise from the use of Holy Water. What follows are miraculous accounts of individuals who experienced a miracle when they came in contact with Holy Water. A Holy Water miracle was witnessed by a teenage girl in the UK, as shown to the right. She was seconds away from death however after a priest administered Holy Water on the girl’s head, she lived. She claimed that she owed her life to faith and Holy Water. It is with our faith and prayer that blessings and miracles have occurred when using Holy Water. To read more about Holy Water miracles and blessings that occurred at the Jordan River click here.

Jordan, the River & the Holy Land

‘Having been to the Jordan River, I can say that there is a sense of God's energy, God’s grace which is focused in those places and in a particularly powerful way. Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs, Episcopal Priest and Executive Director, United Religions Initiative.

The Jordan River is considered the world’s most sacred river and 'Bethany Beyond the Jordan,' where the Jordan River is located, is a place of eminent spiritual and historical importance and a profound place of peace. The Jordan River is found at the ‘Bethany Beyond the Jordan’ site which is the spiritual heartland of Christianity.

It is one of the holiest places in Christianity, where Jesus was baptized and began his mission, and the exact site where the Holy Spirit descended for the first time in the form of a dove on the Jordan River. This location was confirmed as the site of Jesus Christ’s baptism by Church Leaders of the world, at the start of the new millennium, when they visited this sacred site during their special pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Jordan in the Holy Land is home to numerous historical religious sites and home to some of the most momentous events in man’s relationship with God.
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The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity, the union of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit, occurred at the Jordan River, the River of divine light and the River that flows through the two Testaments. There is only one momentous occasion in the entirety of the Bible when the epiphany of the Trinity occurred on Earth at the Jordan River, on the day when Jesus brought into history in those very waters to begin his mission on Earth. 

The Byzantine liturgy describes Jesus' Baptism, '
The angels trembled, the heavens leapt for joy, the earth shook, the sea turned back with all the visible and invisible beings. Jesus Christ appeared in the Jordan to bless all waters.' Read More

The Baptism of Jesus

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Message from the Founders


My beloved Christians all over the world, Peace River along with our historical church that lies along the sacred bank of the Jordan River, the site of Jesus’ Baptism, has dedicated itself to ensuring the distribution of the Divine Holy Water to Christians around the World. This sacred Holy Water, sanctified as precious, bestows numerous blessings and miracles through its healing, cleansing and purifying values.

The location of the blessed Jordan River is located in an area known for its political sensitivity where conflict still currently exists. By possessing this sacred Holy Water from the Holy Land, you actively contribute in providing support to fellow humanity around the world and promote peace and goodwill among men. ''For he who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law.’ Romans 13:8

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